Each month we host a variety of health, wellbeing, spiritual and beauty events here at Ray of Ginger to help you discover what makes you feel your best. Check out what we have coming up... 

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6pm - 8pm

Sunday 18th December 2022

Recharge your wellbeing cup and prepare for Christmas. Receive deep relaxation & energy healing for mind, body and soul with Reiki-Hypno.

You will also learn about what is happening within the body and its connection to your thoughts and emotions. With this knowledge you can then apply a technique learnt during the session to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Are you feeling apprehensive, weary, anxious or run down? It can feel extra difficult during winter months to manage your overall wellbeing. Lack of sunlight affects our energy, low energy affects our resilience and patience and before you know it we've lost our oomph! Add to that the complex range of emotions this time of year can bring with family and friend commitments. Difficult thoughts and feelings are normal but without regular maintenance and management they can sap our resources and take our focus away from what really matters in our life.

Come along, listen, learn and then sit back to receive deep nourishment and healing for mind, body and soul. Leaving you relaxed, lighter and more confident to manage worries and strains Christmas time can throw at you, so you can be your best self and focus on what this time of year means to you.