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Higher Self Workshop


6pm- 7.30pm

Sunday 18th September 2022

Learn about your higher self and how to communicate with it. Then connect during a hypnotherapy journey and receive an energy healing.

Have you wanted to learn more about your soul purpose, your life lessons? Have you wanted to connect with your intuition, the all knowing, loving wise part of you? 


This is an opportunity to connect with your higher self during a guided hypnotherapy journey infused with reiki to help open up your energy centres and channel messages. Jade will present the opportunity for you to ask a question and receive a healing.

On top of this, Jade goes round everyone individually during this session to clear and shift old energy that is held within the body, using reiki and light language (forms of nourishing energy healing for mind, body and soul).

This is a lovely opportunity to meet like minded souls as we journey and learn together for our highest and greatest good.