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The greatest gift we can give ourselves is time to access our own light, our own resources. We then gift the world around us our light as it shines brighter - making the world a brighter place. 

I believe we are multi-faceted souls having a human experience and that at different times we need different healing modalities. You can expect a fully personalised package of care to suit your needs in a confidential, compassionate way.

I would love to help you on your

journey of becoming a happier, 

healthier you.



Reiki is Universal Life force energy that is channelled either in person or from a distance for your highest and greatest good. It works by helping you physically, emotionally and spiritually by clearing negative, old energy. Each appointment has a consultation beforehand and feedback is shared at the end.

Reiki Energy Healing - 1 hour - £45

Distance Reiki Energy Healing - 30 mins - £25

Distance Reiki Energy Healing - 1 hour - £45


Counselling can help you discover your own resources to implement change in your life, with new ways to manage your problems.


We all have times when certain areas of our lives can feel overwhelming or we get stuck in unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns. Speaking to someone outside our usual support network who is trained and passionate about helping and empowering others can help shine light on new perspectives and ways of coping with whatever is an issue for you. 

Initial Consultation - 1 hour - £45

Ongoing therapy - 50 mins - £45


An 'Open Therapy' session could involve any combination of Reiki, counselling, hypnotherapy or any of the healing modalities described in []. It will be truly tailored to *you*

Initial Consultation - 1 hour - £45

Ongoing therapy - 50 mins - £45


I have worked in a HFEA licensed clinic for over 9 years and am a member of BICA. I can work with you to find coping mechanisms and help support the highs and lows of struggling to try to conceive. The grief of the different losses involved and difficult decisions sometimes needed.

Initial Consultation - 1 hour - £45

Ongoing therapy - 50 mins - £45


You are encouraged into a trance-like condition, enabling your subconscious mind to be more alert, focused and receptive. This helps you accept new ways of thinking, beliefs and behaviours which I will upload and suggest to you, in accordance with your goals for your highest and greatest good.

Initial Consultation - 1 hour - £45

Ongoing therapy - 50 mins - £45

Combination Package (6 sessions for the price of 5) available for all treatments


Each month Blossom Therapies hosts new events at Ray of Ginger. Jade, who is an experienced counsellor, hypnotherapist and energy healer will use a variety of these methods to help you discover what makes you feel your best.

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