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Hello, I'm Kathryn, a beauty therapist living and working in Leeds. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, I am a dedicated waxing and skincare specialist committed to providing exceptional care and results for my clients. Since completing my female intimate waxing course in 2015, I have honed my skills at a renowned Brazilian specialist salon, ensuring the highest standards of precision and comfort.

My passion for skincare is deeply personal, stemming from my own journey with acne. I am devoted to using scientifically backed, results-driven products tailored to each client's unique skin needs and lifestyle. My approach prioritises skin health, aiming to achieve and maintain a natural, radiant complexion.

Whether you seek expert waxing services or bespoke skincare solutions, my goal is to help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin.



Strip Wax/Warm Wax

Half Leg £25

Full Leg £35

Half Arm £16

Full Arm £22

Stomach: £15

Non/Strip Wax/Hot Wax

Hot wax is used for in sensitive areas, for a more comfortable waxing experience.

Brow Shape £14

Lip or Chin £10

Lip & Chin £15

Underarm £15

Nostrils: £12


Basic Bikini £15

Hair removed from outside the knicker line on the sides only.


Advanced Bikini £25

Hair removed further from the knicker line from the sides and top.


G-String £35

Hair removed from butt crack and buttocks with an advanced bikini from the front, including sides and top. Includes the belly line. 

Hollywood £38

Completely bare! The most popular of intimate waxes removes all hair front and back including butt crack, buttocks, labia and pubic mound. Everything gone! Includes the belly line. 

Brazilian £38

Like a Hollywood, a Brazilian will remove all hair from the butt crack, buttocks and labia and will leave a groomed landing strip or triangle. Includes the belly line.


Skin Consultation: £25

In depth skin consultation available in person or online. £25, redeemable against products

Environ Treatments. Using sonophoresis & iontopheresis to pump products into deeper layers of the skin.

Choose a 30 minute introduction to Environ products or indulge your skin in a 60-90 minute treatment.

30 minutes: £40

60 minutes: £60

90 minutes: £80


Add treatment for hands and feet: £20


Jan Marini Chemical Peels

Hear the word peel and think it’s harsh with a lot of downtime. Not always. Jan Marini Peels are customisable in both products and strength, targeting different skins types and concerns. They’re gentle, effective and suitable for all. All peels include a mini hand peel. Most importantly, we’re dealing with the ‘low and slow’ philosophy, they’re gentle, effective and suitable for all.


Enzyme Facial

Giving you an instant glow. This treatment is entry level and so is perfect for an active ingredient first timer. It's also great if you've got a special occasion in the next couple of days!


Face: £55

Face including Chest: £75

40% Glycolic Peel

You must be prepped on active ingredients for at least 3 weeks to ensure your skin is suitable for this treatments. It's not a harsh peel, there's little to none actual skin shedding, but it does regenerate your skin by increasing cell turnover. It's a great course of weekly/fortnightly skin treatments to kick start your skin journey, or 4-8 week maintenance alongside your active home care. 


Face: £70

Face including Chest: £95

Back: £95


70% Glycolic Peel

This is not a peel that will cause excess skin shedding, but it's not an entry level peel. You must be using active ingredients and have already had a 40% glycolic peel to ensure a step up will be suitable. Best for stubborn skin concerns, big results in a small space of time, or a seasoned active skincare user as maintenance.


Face: £80

Face including Chest: £105

Back: £105 

Book your next appointment online:

or call Kathryn on 07772 424913 

or call Alexa on: 07551 543 640


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