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My name is Ayesha Naomi and I am a qualified massage therapist and mother to two girls. I am a kind, open hearted, open minded woman who genuinely wants everyone to do and feel their best.


Before becoming a massage therapist I was a nurse, starting off with the NHS and later moving onto agency work. It has always been a characteristic of mine to take care of and look after people. I love doing massage therapy because it treats the whole person, from the inside out.


There are so many health and physical benefits that come from receiving a massage. It’s so great to see all of my customers walk out from a treatment and you can physically see that they are lighter on their feet. My intention is to help people to relax, feel good within themselves and encourage ‘me time’.


Relax & Restore - Full Body - £55 (1h 15mins)

A gentle and restorative massage using a hands-on approach to stretch and work the soft tissues and muscles using Swedish style massage techniques

Lymphatic Drainage Massage -  £70 (1h 15mins)

A treatment to relax, revive and heal the body. Focusing on promoting and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system, helping the body to release toxins, tension and swelling. A nice and relaxing treatment leaving you feeling light, calm and rejuvenated.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage -  £65 (1h 15mins)

A deeply relaxing massage treatment that involves the use of smooth, heated Basalt River Rocks. The localised heat and weight of the stones warm and relax the areas being treated, allowing for the application of a gentle yet deeper massage without causing discomfort.

Full Body Combi Massage -  £70 (1h 15mins)

Comforting and deeply relaxing. A combination of hot stones and hands-on to relieve tension or pain and aid with relaxation

Exfoliating Back or Legs Massage - £60 (40mins)

Refresh your skin and give it a rejuvenating boost with a handmade body scrub, ,made from all natural products

(add Hot Stones +£10)

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage - £45 (40mins)

Unwind, relax and relieve tension with a Swedish style massage that leaves you feeling calmer and more mobile by massaging and stretching the muscles, taking some strain off the spine caused by tight, clogged muscles

Leg Massage -  £45 (40mins)

Uplifting and soothing, this massage is great for relaxing, aiding pain relief and promoting blood flow allowing fresh oxygen to circulate the whole body and organs. Leaving you feeling light on your feet – also aids digestion

Calming Facial -  £60 (45mins)

Enjoy a calming and hydrating facial finished off with a relaxing neck, chest and shoulder massage

or call Ayesha on xx

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