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60 minutes - £40

Reiki, Energy healing, intuitive healing. Channelling universal and mother earths energy is safely through my body and out of the palms of my hands into your physical, emotional and energy bodies. Leaving you feeling lighter, healthier and happier.


30 minutes - £25

Energy Oracle cards are a light beautiful way of communicating with your wonderful intelligent energy helpers. They are a bridge between the spirit world the subtle energies all around us and this world. Using them as a tool to direct messages through the cards, they can help give you guidance and clarity for your highest good. The cards can also snap you out of any denial you're currently living in.

I am not a fortune teller so the cards are not here to tell you your future but are here to help you CREATE the best future for your highest good. During your reading Il also tune in to any spiritual energy work from foods you're cells maybe asking for to the frequency of colours that may be good for you to wear right now and so much more it can be very exciting. So much can happen in a reading as I become an open channel to receive any information that can only be of love for you.

I have used Oracle Cards for my own personal life since the age of 10. They bring me so much love and peace and have served me so well. I will Choose a selection of cards using my intuition this can be any number of cards as I am guided to choose the cards. I have many decks of Cards to choose from too.


60 minutes - £40

I use the same techniques as my intuitive energy healing treatments, but we focus on relationship cord cutting.

In the quantum world if two particles meet, they forever remain entangled are interconnected. They will continue to affect each other, even when thousands of miles apart. This therefore applies to the energies of your physical and energy bodies. We can use intention & various techniques to clear these unwanted energies.

Cords and attachments can be lingering in your energy field causing many problems in your life. These attachments may be from old friendships, people you work with, family, especially ex lovers as sexual energy is very powerful & more.

Using subliminal messaging & various other amazing tools, together we will clean your energy field up and break free from any entities, negative attachments fix any tares or holes in your energy field that maybe draining you of your life force energy & also could be blocking you from meeting your next partner.


60 minutes - £40

Shamanic Drum Journeying is beautiful ancient deep work. Using the steady beat of the drum you are guided into a safe trans like state. The brain waves slip into a theta state. Regular meditation normally takes you into a Delta state. Being in the Theta brain wave place the barrier between spirit world becomes thinner. Our imagination, creativity and inspiration are heightened. We bridge the gap between this intelligent energy and ourselves, bringing us closer to all that is, LOVE, SOURCE ENERGY and ONENESS.